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Published on April 20, 2020

Why Social Distancing is Still Important

Why Social Distancing Is Still Important

Mary Jo Cagle, MD, chief operating officer of Cone Health, shared an update on COVID-19 cases in our community and explained why it's still crucial to practice social distancing in this week's 2 Your Well-Being discussion with WFMY News 2.

As of today (April 20, 2020), what are the current numbers for COVID-19 positive cases that Cone Health is seeing?

"We've been watching our numbers very carefully, the number of patients we're admitting, and what we've seen over the past five to six days is that the number of patients that we are admitting who test positive for the coronavirus have been increasing... [around] Wednesday, those numbers began to increase and have increased daily. So while they are still certainly at a level that we can manage and are managing very easily at this time, we are seeing those numbers to be on the increase."

Why do we think this is happening? Are the numbers going to continue to rise? 

"We do believe the numbers will continue to rise. Our internal modeling and information would say that we've not reached our peak yet, and so we would expect the numbers to continue to rise. We really think that social distancing is still very important for us to follow, and that's hard to say when you have a beautiful days with the sun shining, spring is here and those around us and our neighboring states are starting to open the beaches, and yet - we are seeing our numbers still rise because we don't believe - at least in this region of the state - that we have peaked out yet, and there are still infections that are occurring."

Are COVID-19 cases occurring across the board, or are we seeing the majority of cases in a certain age?

"So we're seeing the disease in all ages and the majority is in our elderly population who are certainly the most vulnerable, but they're not the only age that we're seeing this disease in."

Even if I'm not worried about getting COVID-19, should I be worried about who I might be giving it to? 

"That is absolutely correct. Everyone needs to be wearing a mask. When you go out, you need to continue to be six feet apart and stay home when you can. You might be young and healthy and less likely to have symptoms from the disease, but you may have the virus and have no symptoms, and have no idea who you might be giving it to."

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