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General Rehabilitation

If you or a loved one needs comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation services following surgery, injury or illness, turn to Cone Health. Our dedicated team of rehabilitation professionals offers personalized, fully integrated care to help you meet your recovery goals.

Individualized Care Plan

Collaborate with your rehabilitation care team to set goals and create a customized care plan. You’ll not only develop skills and strategies for daily living, but also improve your ability to participate in community and leisure activities.

Depending on your needs, your care plan may incorporate:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Neuropsychology or psychology services
  • Recreation therapy
  • Pet therapy
  • Nutrition management
  • Spiritual care services
  • Therapeutic community outings

Discover what to expect on a typical day in our center and review what to pack for your stay. [LINK TO FAQs PAGE]

Rehabilitation Nursing Care

You’ll feel comfortable, safe and well cared for at the Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center. We practice hourly rounding, which means a nurse or nursing assistant regularly comes to your room to see how you’re feeling and how to meet your needs. Evidence shows this practice can reduce fall rates and pressure ulcers, as well as increase patient satisfaction.

Family Involvement

Your family and caregivers are an important part of your rehabilitation team. They’re encouraged to visit often, join you for therapy sessions and take part in family conferences when needed.

Home Evaluation

If necessary, a health care professional may visit your residence and make recommendations for ways to improve safety and accessibility. We offer recommendations and suggestions for home modifications based on information provided by the patient and family to facilitate a safe discharge. (not doing these currently – should we leave this out).

Follow-Up Care & Services

Expect a phone call from us within a week after leaving the rehabilitation center. We’ll ask about how you’re doing and whether we can help you connect with any services or resources that may benefit you.

If you need to continue therapy after returning home, ask for a referral to Cone Health’s outpatient physical therapyoccupational therapy or speech therapy services at a location near you.