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Therapeutic Pilates

Pilates ReformerPilates Reformer

Manage pain by building strength and improving your balance through Pilates-based physical therapy at Cone Health.

You’ll benefit from the knowledge of a certified Pilates instructor who’s also a licensed physical therapist. This unique combination means your insurance may cover your Pilates-based physical therapy. You won’t find a hospital-based outpatient rehabilitation clinic with this expertise anywhere else in the Triad.

What’s Pilates?

Pilates is a type of exercise that uses controlled, focused movements and breathing to:

  • Build strength, balance and flexibility
  • Improve posture and body awareness
  • Increase stamina

When you practice Pilates, you’ll learn how to activate deep abdominal muscles and maintain proper alignment for safe movement.

Pilates for Rehabilitation

You may benefit from physical therapy using Pilates principles if you experience an orthopedic or neurological condition or surgery such as:

Therapeutic Pilates Locations

Ask about physical therapy using Pilates at the following Cone Health outpatient rehabilitation centers in Greensboro:

Movements Tailored to Your Needs

Your Pilates-certified physical therapist will create a safe, effective exercise plan tailored to your specific condition, symptoms and goals. Depending on your condition, you can expect to see us for one-on-one therapeutic Pilates sessions one to three times per week for four to eight weeks.

Equipment-Based Therapeutic Pilates

At Cone Health Outpatient Orthopedic and Pediatric Rehabilitation, you and your physical therapist have access to:

  • Pilates reformer – A machine that uses pulleys, springs, bars and straps to modify traditional mat exercises and ease impact on your joints
  • Pilates springboard – A wall-mounted board with adjustable-tension springs, handles and bars; it’s placed above an adjustable-height mat platform
  • Pilates tower – Stationary mat with springs and straps

Group Pilates Classes

Enjoy a group, mat-based Pilates class with a certified instructor who’s also a physical therapist at Cone Health. This class is open to everyone (no physician referral required) and focuses on helping those with back pain safely improve posture and strength. Learn more about Therapeutic Pilates for a Healthy Spine.

Pilates for Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant or recently had a baby, strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles through prenatal Pilates. Get one-on-one care with a physical therapist at Cone Health Outpatient Rehab Center at Brassfield or find a Fit 4 Two prenatal or postnatal yoga and Pilates class at Women’s Hospital.