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Published on April 19, 2017

Physical Therapy Helps Retiree Maintain His Active Lifestyle

Joe SaldariniJoe Saldarini is an active guy. Retired from a successful career in medical equipment sales, he still consults in that field. He likes to golf, three times a week if he can. He’s also done some big home remodeling projects. Last fall, Joe was sidelined from some of these activities. He had taken up weight lifting a year or two earlier, and he ended up with painful inflammation at his elbow.

Joe tried to treat the pain himself using ice packs and wearing an elbow brace when he worked out, but it just wasn’t getting better. In December he decided it was time to see the experts who had helped him before, the therapists at Cone Health Outpatient Rehab at Brassfield.

You see, a while back, Joe had been diagnosed with a left shoulder impingement. The doctor prescribed a course of physical therapy for it, and Joe started working with Elke Naumann-Houegnifio, PTA, at our Brassfield clinic. Joe reports that the stretching and strengthening he did with Elke took him from being unable to swing a golf club to being completely cured of his shoulder problem.

Joe Saldarini and Elke

Elke and Joe

So when his elbow acted up, instead of waiting two months to see the orthopedist, Joe got a referral to therapy from his primary care doctor. He went back to his PTA, Elke. She used therapeutic ultrasound, stretching and a treatment with medicated patches called iontophoresis. She also had Joe wear a brace and avoid aggravating exercises at the gym. Joe got completely better again.

Now Joe, feeling good again and never one to sit still, finds himself with back pain! Having won a prize for the best kitchen remodel in the past, he set to work on turning his laundry room into a showcase. Some heavy lifting he did sent him back to his primary doctor, where he was found to have degenerative changes in his lumbar spine. He plans to put Elke to work on his latest problem (his back pain, not the laundry room!) so that he’s back in shape for golf season, and he’s confident she will make the difference for his full recovery.

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