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Research and Clinical Trials

At Cone Health, we’re committed to bringing the latest advances in medical care to our patients. Our ongoing nationally accredited research and clinical trials help us achieve this goal.

Cone Health’s vision is “a tradition of health and well-being is woven through the fabric of our communities,” and by prioritizing research and clinical trials across six departments, we’re moving toward that touchstone daily.

Research and clinical trials test new ways to prevent, detect, diagnose or treat diseases. Thanks to the things we learn from our research and trials, we can continue offering cutting-edge care to our patients and community.

We often rely on volunteers to participate in our clinical trials. By being part of these studies, participants are contributing to the advancement of medicine and improving treatment and outcomes for future patients.

*According to U.S. regulatory standards and FDA/OHRP guidelines, our studies are monitored by an independent committee of physicians, statisticians, community advocates and others whose job is to ensure that the study is ethical, and the rights of patients are protected.

Research Focus Areas

We’re proud to house research and trials for six disciplines at Cone Health. Each day, these teams are gaining knowledge that impact our community.