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Spine Care

  • Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Walking Harness Rehab

To increase your independence after a spinal cord injury, take advantage of inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation at Cone Health. Partner with our board-certified physiatrist (rehabilitation doctor) and compassionate, multidisciplinary team as you journey to recovery and expand your abilities.

Comprehensive Inpatient Rehabilitation

In the spinal cord injury program at Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, you’ll work toward the goal of returning home. You, your family and our care team develop a personalized care plan to help you:

  • Build strength, mobility skills and endurance
  • Master self-care techniques, including bowel and bladder management
  • Learn how to use adaptive equipment and assistive technology to complete daily tasks
  • Maintain good health and prevent complications of your injury
  • Cope with your condition
  • Reintegrate into the community

Your loved ones join you for therapy sessions, educational classes and local outings to reinforce your progress and discover how to care for you.

Explore the wide range of therapeutic services that you and your family gain access to at our comfortable, safe inpatient rehabilitation center at Moses H. Cone Memorial Hospital.

Excellent Outpatient Rehabilitation

During outpatient services at Cone Health Neurorehabilitation Center, you gain access to caring specialists who provide:

  • Physical therapy (PT) – Improves the ability to move and balance
  • Occupational therapy (OT) – Teaches strategies and recommends adaptive equipment for completing daily tasks and activities
  • Neuropsychological care – Evaluates and manages changes in thinking, mood and behavior
  • Safety awareness training – Shows you how to modify your home and lifestyle to prevent accidents
  • Splints or casts – Manage spasticity and muscle tightness
  • Wheelchair evaluations and prescriptions – Help you choose and learn to use mobility equipment, when necessary

When possible, we’ll schedule your rehabilitation appointments together, so you can see multiple professionals in the same visit.

For additional information, please download our brochure.