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  • Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine

From sports physicals to orthopedic surgery, you’ll find the care you need at Cone Health to safely stay as active as possible. You gain access to sports medicine physicians who’ve cared for professional and university athletes and have the experience to diagnose and treat your condition. Ask your care team for help preventing injuries, too, so you can continue playing at your best.

Conditions We Treat

Rely on our sports medicine specialists to treat a wide range of conditions, including:

Sports Medicine Services

Your care will begin with a physical exam and, if necessary, an imaging procedure. Take advantage of onsite imaging services at some Cone Health locations, and trust us to schedule any diagnostic exam as soon as possible so you can get timely treatment.

Conservative Care

Your treatment may start with conservative measures such as:

      • A personalized physical therapy and exercise regimen that helps you safely and gradually increase physical activity
      • Osteopathic manipulation – Hands-on therapy that uses stretching, mild pressure and resistance to help heal and mobilize muscles
      • Casts, braces or splints to stabilize and protect an injured joint as it heals
      • Custom foot orthotics that help prevent injuries during running and support painful feet
      • Kinesio taping, which applies thin, stretchy, adhesive cotton to muscles and joints to support them while still allowing movement
      • Pain-relieving medications
      • Steroid injections that contain pain-relieving medication and anesthetic

Surgical Treatment

If a doctor recommends orthopedic surgery for your sports injury, choose Cone Health’s experienced surgeons for procedures such as repair of a ligament, meniscus or rotator cuff. Whenever possible, your surgeon will use a minimally invasive technique that reduces pain and recovery time.


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