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Published on May 14, 2015

Every Second Counts: Stroke Awareness

Spot a stroke fastThis video contains important stroke facts that could save your life or the life of a loved one.  Thanks to all who submitted questions during submission period, the answers are below the video.

Every Second Counts Video

Viewer Submitted Questions and Answers

Does memory loss mean a stroke?

Memory loss can be a symptom of a stroke if it occurs suddenly. If this occurs gradually over time, please consult your primary care physician. If this occurs suddenly and is accompanied by another symptoms of stroke (Face drooping, Arm weakness, Slurred Speech), call 911 immediately.

My mother had a stroke 5 years ago. Lost the use of her left side. Is there a doctor she could see who specializes in treating stroke victims? We have physical therapy but no doctor who knows how to help.

We recommend neurology and /or physiatrist follow-up. Our community is fortunate to have several resources to help patients who have had a stroke. Dr. Andrew Kirsteins or Dr. Zachary Swartz with Cone Health Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation can help with optimizing the recovery of your functions. For stroke prevention, Dr. Pramod Sethi or Dr. Jindong Xu (who starts July 2015) are both neurovascular trained physicians (stroke doctors) with Guilford Neurologic Associates and can help.

My risk factor is hypertension. I am 53 yrs old and controlled on BP meds. My cousin died of a hemorrhagic brain aneurysm last summer at age 51. My grandfather at age 64 and my Uncle at age 76 of the same cause. I had an MRA and was found to have hi grade stenosis of P1 segment and of the A1 segment. Additionally my R posterior communicating artery is "not visible". I have a f/u apt with a neuro next week. I can't find much info on P1 or A1 and welcome your thoughts.

Thank you for your question. The P1 segment is the initial portion of the posterior cerebral artery and A1 is initial segment of the anterior cerebral artery. The P1 is the first portion of the posterior cerebral artery that supplies blood to the back of the brain and brainstem.  Symptoms of stroke when this artery becomes blocked are most commonly visual and sensory problems. A1 is the initial segment of the anterior cerebral artery. Blockages to this segment may lead to only minor deficits because there is a “back-up plan” with blood being usually being supplied from the opposite side via the anterior communicating artery. There are often normal variations in each person’s brain circulation, making it difficult to generalize about your particular situation.

If a patient comes in respiratory distress however shows multiple bilateral Vascular distribution strokes one of prominent in the pons. Critical care his section and multiple secretions out of there airway although their O2 sats are going down. Should I still consider it to be possible basilar artery stenosis, Basilar artery oclusion orvertebral artery dissection? or is it possibly just respiratory issue? and why

It very likely could be both. A Pontine stroke can cause respiratory difficulty. The pons connects the upper and lower part of the brain, relaying important messages to regulate heart rate, blood pressure and breathing. The most urgent need would be to support respirations and determine the cause after the patient is stabilized.

What about constant pain in your back, legs and arms and feet?

I would recommend that you see your primary care physician. Typically these symptoms are not stroke related but is probably something you should get checked out.

What if your arm goes to sleep often? Especially at night my left arm goes numb and tingly to my fingers, to the point of hurting. Should I be concerned? Example sitting here typing hand goes numb and tingly.

Without doing a physical examination, it sounds like you could have either carpal tunnel syndrome (pinched nerve at wrist) or ulnar nerve entrapment (pinched nerve at elbow). I would recommend seeing your primary care physician for additional information and treatment options.

 I am being treated for blood infections by daily infusions via picc line. I have had tingling in my hands for 3 days. I am a smoker with no other stroke factors. My MD's don't seem to think this is anything but is a concern to me. I had surgery on my left index finger on Sun 5/10/15. Thank you.

I’m sorry to hear about your discomfort. This is unlikely caused by a stroke. I would recommend seeing your primary care physician for additional help.

Did you know that May is pediatric stroke awareness month? Unborn babies, babies and kids can have strokes too. I am a Cone employee and my daughter suffered a stroke. She has left sided hemiplegia as a result of her stroke. We should talk about stroke in young people too. It is not uncommon for me to hear from other health care providers that they didn't even know that kids can have strokes.

Thank-you for the suggestion! We will look for ways to incorporate this messaging in the future.