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Stroke Rehabilitation

To learn more about the Cone Health Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, call 336-832-8153.

For more information about outpatient services, call the location closest to you:

  • Burlington (Alamance Regional Medical Center) – 336-538-7500
  • Greensboro (Cone Health Neurorehabilitation Center) – 336-271-2054
  • Reidsville (Annie Penn Hospital) – 336-951-4557

Stroke Rehabilitation Services

After a stroke, you want a high-quality rehabilitation program to help you or your loved one regain lost skills and enjoy greater independence. Look to Cone Health’s outpatient stroke rehabilitation program for coordinated, specialized therapy tailored to your needs.

Outpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Services

Take advantage of a full range of rehabilitation services through Cone Health’s outpatient Stroke Rehab Program, including:

If you’re getting more than one type of therapy, we’ll do our best to schedule your appointments together, so you can see multiple therapists in the same visit.

Proven Physical Therapy Results

Trust that Cone Health’s physical therapists have the experience and knowledge to help you walk more confidently and decrease your risk for falls. In 2012:

  • Two-thirds of stroke survivors with a high fall risk were no longer considered high-risk after completing our program.
  • 40 percent of slow-walking stroke survivors improved their rate to full community walking speed—a rate that allows people to safely walk outside their homes—by the time they completed our program.

Expert One-on-One Care

Enjoy one-on-one care from a licensed therapist or licensed therapy assistant. You’ll work closely together to create and follow through on a plan of care to meet your unique goals and situation. In addition to regular therapy appointments, your plan may include safe, gentle exercises you can do at home. Count on your therapist to answer any questions about your care plan and the results you can expect to achieve.

Stroke Rehabilitation Services

At Cone Health, you’ll find a full range of outpatient rehabilitation services tailored to stroke survivors.

Self-Care Skills

  • Activities of daily living (ADL) retraining – Helps you regain skills need for daily tasks such dressing, bathing and grooming
  • Safety awareness training – Shows you how to modify your home and lifestyle to prevent accidents
  • VitalStim® Therapy – Uses gentle electrical stimulation and exercises to improve your ability to eat and swallow

Mobility & Vision Skills

  • Balance training – Reduces fall risk
  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES) – Delivers mild electrical impulses to your muscles to restore or improve mobility or strength
  • Gait analysis and training – Improves your ability to stand and walk
  • Hand splinting – Alleviates involuntary muscle contractions (spasticity)
  • Orthotic assessment and training – Reveals how custom orthotics can improve your balance and walking abilities
  • Strengthening exercises
  • Vision retraining – Uses exercises to improve vision
  • Wheelchair assessment – Helps you select the right wheelchair for your needs

Communication & Cognitive Skills

  • Aphasia therapy – Helps restore language and communication abilities
  • Cognitive retraining – Strengthens mental skills such as the ability to focus, remember, organize or problem-solve
  • Neuropsychology services – Assess and help with your ability to think, reason and remember

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