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Published on June 21, 2021

Stocking Your Summer First-Aid and Injury-Prevention Kits

Get prepared for a fun and safe summer with these tips for stocking your first-aid kit from Philip Lamptey, Medical Director of Cone Health Urgent Care, in this 2 Your Well-Being discussion with WFMY News 2.

What should we include in our summer first-aid kits?

"I would advise that with summer coming, everybody needs to get one. But these first-aid kits usually have assorted bandages, compression, gauzes, antibiotic and antiseptic wipes, and ointments, gloves, tweezers, thermometers, and an emergency first-aid guide which is very helpful indealing with minor injuries and illnesses that we commonly face in summer.""And just make sure that every 6 months to a year, you look through and see what you're low on and then you replenish it. But typically, about two to five years, you need to change your whole first-aid kit and get a whole new one.

When do you need additional help, such as going to the urgent care?

"If you don't have enough stuff from your first aid kit or your emergency first aid guide does not give you good information as to what to do with the injury or medical condition you're facing, that is the time that you would need to seek professional help, to help deal with the injury or medical condition that you're facing."

What options for care are available?

"The first option I'll talk about is using your smartphones to virtually access the urgent care providers. And you can do that going through our website. You click on a link and then it lands you into a virtual consultant room where you will talk to a provider, and they will address your issues for you at that time when you talk to them.""The second option is if you prefer to go in person, we have several urgent care sites from Kernersville all through to Alamance County. So you can go to any of those locations and you will be taken care of by one of our providers in the urgent care.""If your condition is one that is life threatening, then the emergency room is the place to go."

What can we do to prevent summer injuries in the first place?

"You would need to basically have a few things that help prevent some of the common injuries, having like sunscreen and wearing a hat helps with the sun burn and also in the long term helps prevent skin cancers. Having a bug spray would help reduce uh chances that you'd be bitten by a mosquito or another insect, and wearing protective eye wear if you're doing yard work is is also very helpful in preventing eye injuries.""For our kids and people who like to ride their bikes, wearing helmets all the time helps prevent head injuries and of course, we are in the pandemic. So, always remember to wear a mask. Always remember to have hand sanitizers in areas where you may not have access to soap and water."

How will COVID impact our summer activities this year?

"We still have COVID in our community and not everybody is vaccinated at this time. So for those who are vaccinated, they pretty much don't need masking, especially when they are outdoors except if they find themselves in large crowds, and then masks are recommended. On the indoor front, they need to wear their mask if it is a large crowd of people and some of them are not vaccinated."

"For those who are not vaccinated, I always say that I recommend getting vaccinated. It protects you, your family, your friends and it also frees you up to do the things that you like to do if you are not vaccinated and you are outdoors with a lot of people, you need to have your mask on. If you are indoors, you need to have your mask on. An just make sure that when you're attending places where there are large crowds, you have your mask on."

"For our younger kids who are twelve and under, we should always make sure that they have your mask on for those who are 2 to 12 years old. And a 2 year old and under will not even put a mask on, and we don't recommend having the mask on for them."

It's been a while since the vaccines first became available. Have you seen any reasons why people should not get vaccinated since then?

"I get these questions a lot in the urgent cares and what I tell people is that we've had over 100 billion doses of the vaccine given, and if there was a very serious side effects, some of it would be apparent by now, and so I tell them that we've waited for 100 billion shots. How long do we want to wait, you know, to get vaccinated? And I encourage people to really get vaccinated, these vaccines are safe, they're effective, and it really frees you out to get your life back."

Stocking Your Summer First-Aid and Injury-Prevention Kits

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