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It's the Perfect Season for Your Vasectomy 

It’s called the “basketball vasectomy” for good reason. The simple procedure only takes about 30 minutes, but you’ll need to take it easy for a few days afterwards. And what better way to spend the time than watching Division 1 playoffs––while you relax on the sofa with snacks and an ice pack! 

The First Game is Right Around the Corner

We’ll schedule your vasectomy once you’ve had your consultation, so call or send the form right away. Remember, the tournament runs March 15–April 6. So get your bracket filled out and reserve your spot on the couch. The home team is counting on you––and you'll be back in the game by post season!

About Us

Burlington Urological Associates, a part of Cone Health, has convenient locations in Burlington and Mebane. While our surgeons perform vasectomies year ‘round, we always look forward to the excitement––and convenient timing––of playoff season. From doctors dressed in team colors to ice packs with your team’s logo, we’ll make your visit with us safe, festive and focused on your comfort.