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Take the first step toward transforming your life. Sign up for a bariatrics seminar to explore your options for weight loss surgery.

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Weight Loss (Bariatric) Surgery

Take control of your weight—and your well-being—with weight loss surgery at Cone Health.

Research shows that only 20 percent of people who are overweight or obese reach and maintain a healthy weight through diet and exercise alone. Improve your odds of long-term success with bariatric surgery. When you succeed in sustaining major weight loss, you benefit from better health and an increased quality of life.

Nationally Recognized Weight Loss Surgery Program

When you choose Wesley Long Hospital for your surgery, you can be confident you’ll receive the highest-quality bariatric care because we’re accredited as a Comprehensive Center by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP).

Wesley Long’s bariatrics program also holds the following recognitions from the top four health plans in North Carolina:

  • MBSAQIPAetna Institute of Quality (IOQ) for Bariatric Surgery
  • BlueCross BlueShield Blue Distinction Center Plus (+) for Bariatric Surgery
  • Cigna Designated Facility for Bariatric Surgery
  • UnitedHealthcare Center of Excellence for Bariatric Surgery

Together with our surgical partners, we’ve helped thousands of North Carolinians lose excess weight and improve their health. Trust Cone Health for safe, effective bariatric surgery and follow-up care that helps you conquer obesity.

Coordinated, Supportive Care

Depend on your team at Cone Health to help you through every stage of surgical weight management—from deciding whether bariatric surgery’s right for you to making healthy choices after surgery so you can reach your long-term goals.

Surgery Options

Choose the best type of weight-loss surgery for your lifestyle, medical history and health goals. Your Cone Health bariatrics team will help you understand the benefits and risks of all your options, including:

Gastric Sleeve

Gastric sleeve

Removes a large portion of your stomach so you feel full more quickly.

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Roux En Y Gastric Bypass - weight loss surgery

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass

Makes your stomach smaller and causes food to bypass part of the small intestine so you absorb fewer calories.

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Lap Band - weight loss surgery type

LAP-BAND® adjustable gastric banding

Restricts the amount of food you can eat by placing an adjustable silicone band around the upper part of your stomach.

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Whenever possible, your bariatric surgeon will perform your bariatric surgery using laparoscopic, or minimally invasive, techniques. That means you benefit from a lower risk of complications, less pain and scarring, and a faster recovery.

Steps to Weight Loss Surgery

Take your first steps toward bariatric surgery by registering for an in-person or online weight loss seminar. During this seminar, you’ll learn about the health risks associated with obesity, discover how bariatric surgery can help, review pre-surgery requirements, and more.

Following the seminar, you can make an appointment for a personal consultation.

Throughout your journey, you’ll enjoy coordinated care from experienced bariatric surgeons, nurses, behavioral health specialists, dietitians and other providers.

Paying for Your Procedure

You’ll appreciate our competitive costs and assistance helping you understand your financial obligations.

You’re encouraged to contact your employer and insurance provider to learn about your coverage and co-pay responsibilities for bariatric surgery. We recommend requesting written confirmation that specifically states your coverage for this procedure.

A portion of your out-of-pocket cost, if applicable, will be requested prior to surgery. If your actual charges exceed this amount, you’ll be billed for the balance after surgery. If your actual charges are less than the estimated amount, you’ll receive a refund.

All your Cone Health accounts must be paid in full before your surgery. Learn about our patient financial services.

Wellness Matters

  • Weight Loss Surgery: Committing to a Healthy Mindset

    Weight Loss Surgery: Committing to a Healthy Mindset

    After weight loss surgery and committing to a healthy mindset, Sean felt like a new person. He was able to return to one of his favorite activities - hiking - and recently hiked 75 miles along the Appalachian Trail! Read about his journey here.
    January 21, 2022
  • Melvin Burnett

    Weight Loss Surgery: Melvin Burnett's Journey

    “I didn’t want to die, to make my son an orphan and my wife a widow,” Melvin Burnett says. “I became determined not to allow disease to cripple me like it had crippled my father. I felt God telling me to make a change.” With help from the Cone Health Bariatric Weight Loss Program
    January 7, 2021
  • Weight Loss Surgery: Ron Payne's Journey

    Weight Loss Surgery: Ron Payne's Journey

    Ron well understands why everyone he talked to before having bariatric surgery said they wished they’d had surgery sooner. “I knew I’d done everything I could do to lose weight, and my kids are in the best years of their lives,” he says. “Why would I want to put this off any longer?”
    September 28, 2020