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Published on October 25, 2012

Lap Band Surgery Puts Greensboro Couple On A Healthier Path

Stephen Williams has always been a big guy. In fact, he was a football lineman in both high school and college, where his size worked to his advantage.   

“I was healthy and always worked out, but as I aged, I packed on the extra pounds,” he says.

Williams’ parents were both diabetic. As his weight rose, he too developed the disease, along with high blood pressure. He knew it was imperative that he drop weight.

“I routinely work out six to seven days a week, and I tried to lose weight on my own,” he says. “But it simply wasn’t enough.”   

Stephen and Adonica Williams

Adonica and Stephen Williams have
dropped a combined 262 pounds.

After investigating his options, Williams decided on a Lap-Band procedure to help him drop pounds. The minimally invasive surgery was performed in April 2008 at Wesley Long Hospital. An inflatable, silicone device was placed around the top of Williams’ stomach to reduce the amount of food it can hold.

Since the procedure doesn’t require cutting or stapling, there are few risks of complications. Williams spent just one night in the hospital and says he is a poster child for an optimal outcome.

“My wife took me to the park the day I was released, and I walked two miles,” he said. “I know my athleticism helped, but I was almost immediately back doing what I wanted to do.”   

He also has achieved the outcome he was after. In the three years since his surgery, Williams has lost nearly 150 pounds and is off seven of the 10 medications he took previously.

“My goal is to lose even more and to be off all medications entirely,” he says. “But already I’m a far cry from where I was. Now I have even more energy than I had before. I find hiking is easier, and I also can run further without tiring. It also has helped out with my self-confidence.”   

Williams has become a real advocate for Lap-Band surgery and has recommended it to other friends and family members.

It didn’t take much urging for his wife Adonica. She says when she saw her husband’s success, she wanted the surgery too. Since her surgery in March 2010, she has lost 112 pounds and is less than 10 pounds from her target weight.

“I’m smaller than when we were married – I wore a size 20 then, and I wear a 14 now,” she says proudly. “I don’t mind going to the gym now and working out. We run together.”  

“Surgery is a tool,” Williams adds. “You need other things in place as well, but it can be a big help – not just to look better, but to be healthier and around here longer as well.”

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