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Life After Bariatric Surgery

Life After SurgeryMaximize the success of your bariatric surgery by making lasting changes to your diet and physical activity. At Cone Health, enjoy multidisciplinary guidance and support as you develop healthful habits and work toward your weight-loss goals.

Eating After Weight-Loss Surgery

Weight-loss surgery changes your digestive system, so you’ll need to adopt new eating habits and follow them for the rest of your life. Count on the registered dietitians on your bariatrics care team to provide the education and long-term nutritional support you need to be successful. You’ll benefit from assistance with meal planning, food lists, portion control and more.

Exercise After Weight-Loss Surgery

Enjoy increased energy, a faster metabolism and toned muscles when you incorporate fitness into your post-surgery lifestyle. Your Cone Health bariatrics care team will help you create a plan to safely, slowly and enjoyably increase your physical activity through low-impact activities.

Bariatric Exercise & Lifestyle Transformation (BELT)

Bariatric Exercise Class

Learn safe exercise techniques and gain confidence in your physical abilities by participating in the Bariatric Exercise and Lifestyle Transformation (BELT) program.

You’ll join fellow Cone Health bariatric patients three times a week for personalized aerobic and strength training instruction, as well as educational sessions on diet, exercise and behavior modification strategies. BELT meets at University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Student Recreation Center. You can start the 12-week program approximately six to eight weeks after your surgery with your surgeon’s approval.

For bariatric patients who had their surgery at Wesley Long Hospital, BELT is covered by your bariatric program fee.  Bariatric patients that did not have their surgery at Wesley Long can participate if they pay the program fee. 

Social & Emotional Support

Share your challenges and celebrate your successes with other people changing their lives through weight-loss surgery. Join a bariatric surgery support group at Wesley Long Hospital or Alamance Regional Medical Center.

If you need additional support managing the changes that accompany your weight-loss journey, we’ll connect you with a behavioral health specialist.

Register for a Weight Loss Seminar

Take the first step toward transforming your life. Sign up for a bariatrics seminar to explore your options for weight loss surgery.

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