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Published on September 21, 2018

Special Delivery: Lifelong Friendship Between Patient and Nurse

Lifelong Friendship Between Patient and Nurse

For Women’s Hospital’s Maggie Collins, CRNA, supporting a first-time mom with the delivery of her baby in 2010 has turned into a lifelong friendship. Since their first meeting, Collins has assisted with the birth of Lori and Tyler Richardson’s three other children, including George Ellis (“Gus”), who was born August 16 by cesarean section, as both provider and friend.

“It was worth the wait to have this fourth and final beautiful child join their family and the continuance of a lot of shared love that began by chance or a plan to bring us together by a greater power,” shares Collins, who has recently been hospitalized herself with heart failure. She describes her relationship with the Richardson family as a testament of “how…what we give of ourselves comes back tenfold.”

“Right after our first c-section, I told my husband Tyler that we would see Maggie again,” says Richardson. “I knew immediately how special she was and the connection we felt.”

“I immediately felt a connection with Lori, and the whole experience was delightful. When Lori found out she was pregnant with their second child, she immediately sent word through her obstetrician, Dr. Lowe, that she would like me to be with them for this birth,” adds Collins. Not only was the delivery of Frances, their daughter, just as special as the birth of their first son, Brant, but the two became fast friends.

The two, who share a birthday, first communicated by mail, which led to email, which led to phone calls and texts. 

“We are in touch daily now. I feel blessed every day to have had our paths cross,” adds Richardson.

“When their third child, Whitten, was born, there was no doubt I would be part of the experience,” affirms Collins.

Maggie Collins Bedside

Collins and Richards after the birth of George Ellis (“Gus”)

When Tyler delivered Christmas treats to Collins and her husband, Joe, he immediately found a friend, too. The two talked for hours. For the last four years the couples have solidified their family connection and have enjoyed date nights together.

Over the last couple of years, as the Richardsons struggled to complete their family, Collins was by their side.

“We shared a lot of days of sadness, grieving, love and support until finally a thriving pregnancy was established,” she says.

“Little did I know that over eight years ago I would meet a couple having their first baby, their family would become our adopted family, and our lives would be connected for a lifetime,” say Collins.

“It's so hard for me to truly put into the words the love we feel for Maggie and her husband Joe and the friendship we have created,” concludes Richardson. 

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