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Wellness On-Demand

Cone Health offers on-demand wellness videos providing valuable health information for you and your family. A new video is released each month.


Dealing with Addiction

Wes Swan, LCAS-A

Addiction…it’s not just something you hear about in the news. It’s real. You or someone you know may be among the millions of people living with an addiction – including alcohol, prescription and nonprescription drugs (including opioids), as well as behavioral addictions. Can you recognize the signs? If you or someone you care about may be struggling with addiction, join Wesley Swan, Licensed Clinical Addiction Specialist Associate with Cone Health Outpatient Behavioral Health, a member of Cone Health Medical Group, to learn about dealing with addiction.


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Busting Breast Cancer Myths

Lindsey Causey, NP

How strong is your breast cancer knowledge? With one in eight women estimated to be diagnosed with breast cancer within their lifetime, women need to understand their risks and more. Join Lindsey Causey, NP, survivorship nurse practitioner with Cone Health Cancer Center, as she busts common breast cancer myths to increase your breast cancer knowledge and fight against breast cancer.


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